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For the convenience of our visitors, we have listed some helpful web sites and links. These sources will provide useful information and make your job quicker and easier. These are general guidelines only: No information supplied provides a warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the suitability of the suggested design methods or materials. User retains all responsibility for correct designs and part performance.

Knowledge Base and Design Guides

Design Guide: Gate Types, Dimensions & Locations (.pdf)
Design Guide: Texture Guidelines and Draft Table (.pdf)
Design Guide: Wall Thickness, Ribs and Bosses (.pdf)
Design Guide: RTP Company Guidelines for Plastic Design (.pdf)
Design Guide: Plastic Design Guide & Checklist (.pdf)
General Info: High Standards (.pdf)
General Info: Ionized Air Treatment (.pdf)
General Info: Cleanroom & Textures (.pdf)
General Info: Mold Classifications (.pdf)

Helpful Links and Web Sites

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Branson Ultrasonic Welding -
Underwriters Laboratories -
U.S. Patent Office -
Emhart Teknologies -
Dodge Inserts -
McMaster-Carr -
American National Standards Inst. -
American Society of Testing & Materials -
RTP Company: Design Guide -
Mold-Tech -