About Kennerley-Spratling, Inc.

Exceeding Expectations
Rated "World Class" by the most rigorous customers anywhere. We are a strategic manufacturer of quality plastic parts.

At Kennerley-Spratling you will enjoy the peace of mind and lack of problems that is a result of the balance we provide between mold price, mold specifications, mold and part quality, your drawing specifications and the time needed to provide T1 sample parts and a completed mold. This balancing ability comes from many years of experience and from a commitment to treat you and your company fairly and honestly, even if it means losing your business. We simply will not provide poor quality service and performance just to get a sale.

Since 1955 Kennerley-Spratling, Inc has been providing our customers and the world with high quality consumer products, life-sustaining medical components and close-tolerance high-tech parts for electronic applications.

KSI houses a full array of capabilities ranging from tool construction and molding to full assembly.

A large part of what KSI is today comes from its history and a strong commitment to the company's mission. As we look to the future, we see continued growth in various industries by building value-added relationships and ever-increasing customer satisfaction.

Throughout the pages of this site, you will begin to see why Kennerley-Spratling has become a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. Through hard work and dedication, we strive to be the manufacturing arm of our customers from beginning to end. We endeavor to become each customer's number one supplier.

Kennerley-Spratling, Inc is ISO 9001:2008 registered company.